If you are a Christian author who is independently published, who is also committed to turning out quality books, and would like to have your books listed on Christian Indie Books, please fill out this questionnaire, and leave a message for us here.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, we’re rebuilding this website. We’ll contact you with an email address where you can send your questionnaire once we have that set up.

  • Name & Contact info
  • Who inspires the characters in your work?
  • Who is your favorite character?
  • Who is your favorite author?
  • What is your favorite book to read?
  • Describe your “writer spot”.
  • What is your favorite season and why?
  • Who inspired you to become a Christian?
  • What inspired you to become a Christian Indie author?
  • What is your favorite Bible verse? Why is it your favorite?
  • How does Christ make Himself known through your writing?
  • What is the single most significant thing you can tell us about your writing career?
  • What genre would you like most to write, that you haven’t ventured into yet?
  • Can you tell us about a character in your current work in progress?
  • What size shoes do you wear, and do you think you fill them well?

Post a listing of your books and any specific details. (This is the only place you’re allowed to post your books that are not presented on the books pages.)