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Who inspires the characters in your work?
The Holy Spirit

Who is your favorite character?
Believer: Isaac Nordlander or Heathen: Juan Cabrillo

Who is your favorite author?
Believer: Guy Stanton III or Heathen: Cussler/de Brul

What is your favorite book to read?
A new epic fantasy by a Christian author with enough nerve to lay out spiritual truth

Describe your “writer spot”.
A small 7’x7’ office built to fit me in the back of our 1881 home overlooking the back garden

What is your favorite season and why?
Clean, dry, crisp, no bugs, no mold, no leaves [so I can see the “bones” of the land—hills, rocks, streams, and so on] black & white landscapes snow

Who inspired you to become a Christian?
The Holy Spirit

What inspired you to become a Christian Indie author?
I retired and finally had the time, though I’ve been doing it part-time since the mid-1990s and teaching Scripture since 1974.

What is your favorite Bible verse? Why is it your favorite?
“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord” because it’s the core truth about walking in the Spirit once you come to know the Lord Jesus

How does Christ make Himself known through your writing?
Christian characters walking in the Spirit though difficult and joyful experiences that they could not do without the power of the Spirit—probably could not survive

What is the single most significant thing you can tell us about your writing career?
It is absolutely dependent on obedience to the leading of the Lord through His Holy Spirit

What genre would you like most to write, that you haven’t ventured into yet?
I’m just starting a massive epic built-world fantasy series

Can you tell us about a character in your current work in progress?
Joen Bjarn’son: At the beginning of the story he’s 16, 8 & 13 [16 winters, 8 months and 13 days]

Tall, thin with golden brown hair and vibrant deep blue eyes, For he stood seven span four thumb with massive shoulders and long arms, exactly twenty-one stone [6’2”, just shy of 2 meters, & 210 pounds]. He had inherited the size of his father and the grace and beauty of his mother, resulting in a face that was strong yet boyish, slightly thin and elongated, with high cheekbones, a straight nose, and a strong chin with a hint of a dimple on the tip. He was very attractive to women, but he knew nothing of women. The Known men saved that for their wife.

He’s an asocial son of a famous cabinetmaker and his wife, an equally skilled upholsterer. It’s a Known family and they are both elders in the crafts guild of Andrelon.

He was ridiculed in his early years because he was so clumsy. It wasn’t until Ansel revealed himself that he understood the problem. He had gotten glimmers of it earlier, but the problem was simple. He was sinister. But by then the damage was done. To avoid ridicule, he had retreated into his art. He was a wordsmith & radical calligrapher.

He also retreated into books. He spent a lot of his time in The Fire of Larzulá, the small church just outside the crafter’s guildwalls. It was a beautiful place with soaring heights, brilliant stained glass windows, and a surprisingly extensive library. The librarian, Father Graim, was a retired priest, old school, a seriously accomplished Church historian. He’d been banished to The Fire after coming to the conclusion that the earlier church had much more direct communication with God and the result of that was moves of power. That conflicted sharply with the high church principles of Primate Roark and his formalism.

Joen drove people away by his dress and image. He wore his hair longer than was really acceptable. He kept it roughly under control binding it into a rough tail, low on his neck, with a leather cord weighted at the ends with ancient carved red nutwood beads. If it got too snarled, he just whacked it back into submission. His thin scraggly beard was treated in much the same manner with two ratted braids hanging down from the ends of his mustache. His clothes were loose, coarse-woven Gremyulan wool, produced by the nomads of the northwest coasts of Semuel to protect them from the icy winds and driving sleets. His clothing was worn, almost threadbare, so it worked in the much milder clime of West Luczidal. But it covered him entirely except for his fingers and glimpses of his dark brown work boots.

He always carried with him the vague stench of gall from the indelible deep blue ink he favored. The odor was tempered with the rare earths he used to mix his paints used for illumination. On his head he always wore an old miner’s cap he had picked up in one of the trips he made with the guild’s pharmacist to East Luczidal gathering materials for the stains, paints, brushes, and pens needed by the guild. It was still vaguely conical and shed rain reasonably well, but it was covered with bits of leaves, bark, spider webs, and colored streaks of pigment. It wasn’t so bad that people crossed to the other side of the street. But he was spared all chit chat and the meaningless drivel of the rest of the young adults of the guild.

He was the butt of jokes and more than a little fear. For he stood seven span four thumb with massive shoulders and long arms. He was still known for his clumsiness even though learning the forbidden left-hand manner of work had solved that problem entirely. He earned his keep by producing firewood from the huge piles of trunk remnants from the wood mills outside of the city by the river. No one had noticed how fast and skilled he was with the splitting maul. He had Elnar the black smith make him custom heads of his own design fitted to carefully carved ax handles which fit his hands like they were made for them—as they were.

Now that he had reached nearly reached seventeen winters, his disguise worked almost perfectly. No one noticed him any more. He was just that crazy wordsmith—a fixture in the hustle and bustle of the daily life of the ghetto which was the guild.

What size shoes do you wear, and do you think you fill them well?
13E: yup, I am who I am—you get what you get—weird but comfortable in my skin. I’m enjoying my golden years.

The righteous perish, book by David Bergslund

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Post a listing of your books and any specific details.

The Righteous Perish: An end-times novel to help you keep your mind open. The Lord fooled us the first time. He probably will for the second coming also. No one knows the day or the hour…

Daniel's mighty men, Bergslund

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Daniel’s Mighty Men: An epic Christian technothriller: A small Christian black ops company is America’s only real hope when the Mexicans invade with Chinese weapons and the covert backing of a traitorous administration, plus a high-ranking admiral and general. A tale of what the radical Hispanics of the Southwest have been talking about for many decades: the birth of Aztlan, a new nation from the northern states of Mexico and the southwestern states of the US.

Christian Non-fiction

How to teach the bible, Bergslund

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How to Teach the Bible: My most popular Christian non-fiction

The narrow gate, Bergslund

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The Narrow Gate: An extended teaching of Matthew 7 about the narrow gate, the straight way, and the people calling “Lord, Lord, didn’t we…?” Only to hear “I never knew you.”

The Training Place of Mankind: A non-scientific retail read of the Creationist position about a 7,000 year creation

Knowing Jesus as His Bride: An impassioned plea for the people of God to realize that the only thing which manners is if you know Jesus as His fiancee, intimately and well

How to teach Prophecy, Bergslund

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How To Teach Prophecy: Teaching prophecy is a specialized skill. The difficulty arises in the attempt to be accurate in an arena where the Lord himself has told us that no one knows and that no one will figure it out. This is why He uses the image of a thief coming in the night.

However, there is much we do know. What we do know for sure is: The King is coming soon! We are responsible to warn the people—that they might be saved and be ready when He comes.

David has also published several Bible studies on Galatians, Philippians, and 1st and 2nd Timothy.


David has also authored six traditionally published textbooks on digital publishing, typography, and graphic design. They cover Pagemaker, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat in an all digital workflow. He taught these materials for 18 years.

Practical font design, Bergslund

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Practical Font Design Third Edition Plus: This is David’s practical production which is his bestseller.

Writing in InDesign, BergslundWriting In InDesign CC 2014 Producing Books: Solid, practical training for Indie Christian authors on self-publishing. This is his second most popular book.

There are a couple dozen more; mostly technical books on book design, typography, and digital publishing.