KentonDripping with dry wit and unintentional humor, this fantasy and fiction author appeals to young readers everywhere.

Kenton Verhoeff captivates the inspiration of youth and tags it with the reality of escapism, adventure and throws in mystery for laughs and giggles. He leaves no page unturned as he wanders his way through the black abyss of his imagination, known in his book as Unikra.

He finds the creation of characters, a land of mystical adventure and warring assassins, filled with political strife to be a secret worthy of revelation. He revels in romantic interludes, violent engagements and fantasy.

Kenton writes:

UnikraMy writer spot — a corner of my room. I got used to writing in my room before I left home, and I never really changed that. On my own, I no longer keep a stocked mini-fridge in the corner, but it’s still there… Waiting for me to hide away a 6 pack of my favorite soda. Or a case of water…

The most significant thing about my writing career is that I was published at the tender age of 9, a children’s book called Corky the Happy Lizard. Yes, it is still available.

My favorite season is spring. Winter is slipping away, the sun comes out of hiding, and life breathes again.

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